Homeland Security Solutions

Metrasens, the makers of Cellsense Plus, are experts in search and detection. Cellsense Plus detects cell phones, weapons and other illicit materials, bringing a new level of security to your facility.

Nuctech Company Limited, is an advanced security & inspection Solution and service supplier in the world. Relying on independent Innovation and the following customers’ demand, Nuctech provides the most advance technology, superb products and integrated solutions in security inspection industry.

X-ray Center is a Turkish manufacturer of X-ray scanners with outstanding performance and leading market position. Tunnel sizes range from 50x30 to 180x180. Product line includes x-ray machines manufactured in standard one generator Dual Energy configuration and Advanced Technology with two generators also known as Dual View. XRC brand systems meet all international safety regulations including CE requirements, US FDA certifications and ISO 9001:2008.

Ranger is the world leader of high technology security detection products. Ranger products are used in a wide and diverse variety of situations, ranging from the most demanding high security applications to inventory loss prevention situations.

IDSS was founded in 2012 by a team of experienced security professionals who built and deployed thousands of security scanners post-9/11 environment. Recognizing the need to improve security and passenger experience at the checkpoint, we embarked on the development of high performance, next-generation CT x-ray based security scanner to address current, and future threats.