About Us

Best Options Investigation & Security Services, Inc. (BOSS) is a provider of manned security services in the Philippines.

To meet the challenges relative to the security industry, BOSS continues to provide services that utilizes the best practices gained through extensive experience.

Innovative and customer responsive, BOSS continues in developing their Security Professionals through extensive training, seminars and specialization.

BOSS is dedicated to provide a decent life to our employees, their families and loved ones for a more responsible participation in the community. We instill in their hearts the value of leadership, teamwork and cooperation and be more responsive to any given work situation, develop self-discipline and deliver quality service to the company resulting to superior products.

Our staff and officers are encouraged to continuously improve their skills and expertise in leadership styles for them to earn an atmosphere of dignity and respect from their subordinates, and finally to institute professionalism and seek self-improvement and skills development to attain a more bonded family in the organization.

BOSS is committed to provide effective manned guarding service and we complement our service using equipment and technology that will address the security needs of our customers.