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Metal Detectors


Metrasens makes people and places more secure. At Metrasens, the makers of Cellsense Plus are experts in search and detection. Today Cellsense Plus is deployed in over 38 countries, securing correctional and police facilities across the United States, and safeguarding some of the world’s most sensitive security sites. Many of the world’s most recognizable Military, Government and Corporate entities have chosen Metrasens.

Ranger Security Detectors

Ranger is the world leader of high technology security detection products. Ranger products are used in a wide and diverse variety of situations, ranging from the most demanding high security applications to inventory loss prevention situations. You can trust Ranger to provide the most dependable products in the security industry utilizing the latest cutting edge technology, in fact many of the world's most recognizable Military, Government & Corporate entities have chosen Ranger for their security needs. Ranger Security’s highly innovative approach in designing and manufacturing products lead to many advancements in security metal detection technology. Employing sophisticated microprocessors and highly developed proprietary software Ranger security detectors achieved levels of performance never before attained by conventional metal detectors.