About Us

Facilities Protection, Inc. (FPI) is a leading Electronic Security & Safety Systems Integrator catering enterprise-grade Auxiliary and Homeland Security products focusing on industries such as Enterprise, Manufacturing, Government, Transportation, Customs, Cargo, Ports, Gaming and Hospitality. FPI provides quality, world-class products to its clients backed by industry leading quality service and support.

FPI’s Auxiliary Solutions include Access Control Systems, IP Surveillance Systems, Fire Alarm and VESDA Systems, Intrusion and Alarm Systems, as well as Automation & Control Systems. Homeland Security Solutions include both Hand-held and Walk-through Metal Detection Systems, Explosives & Narcotics Trace Detection Systems, and Baggage & Cargo X-ray Inspection Systems. Having a broad product-line allows FPI to serve almost all of its client’s security needs apart from Guard Manning Services, which is fulfilled by its affiliate company, Best Option Investigation Security Services (BOISS).

Being one of the premium Security & Safety Systems Integrator in the Philippine market, FPI has more than 15 years of experience in physically securing its client’s facilities. From conducting physical security & safety assessments, designs and all the way to implementation and maintenance, FPI works closely with its clients to ensure that its client’s security & safety needs and wants are met.